Kung Fu Flash C64 commodore Flash cart cartridge sd card PAL version

Here we have the exellent flash cart from Kim Jorgensen. This device will load Crt, D64, D71, D81, Prg, P00 and easyflash files.

It will load a disc image in about 2 seconds compared to 8 secs with a fastloader cart and 1 minute and 30 secs from a standard 1541 drive.

It doesn’t load multi disc games thou but as most games are on one disc that shouldn’t be to much of a problem.

You can also use this device as a fastloader cart or a freeze frame cart as it has a special button for the desired cartridge.

You can also use this cart as an easyflash device as it will load easyflash cart images.

I use a 16gb micro sd card when using this cart.

The following cartridge types are currently supported:

Normal cartridge (8k, 16k, Ultimax)
Action Replay v4.x/v5/v6
KCS Power Cartridge
Final Cartridge III(+)
Simons' BASIC
Fun Play, Power Play
Ocean type 1
Epyx Fastload
C64 Game System, System 3
Zaxxon, Super Zaxxon
Magic Desk, Domark, HES Australia
Super Snapshot v5

and you can also update the firmware via the sd slot.